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Everyone knows that a school is called a Temple. It is rightly said that a school is Temple as it is as holy as temple. School is a place where a child grows in full fledge. Those are lucky who can study in school as there are Millions of children who only dream of school.

Shree A.K. Doshi is one of a well-known School in Jamnagar Situated in SHREE A.K.DOSHI MAHILA COLLEGE CAMPUS

Building is not possible without Foundation. Trustees are foundation of any institute. Same way trustees of Shree A.K. Doshi Vidyalaya are truly powerful foundation of Bhavan’s A.K. Doshi Vidyalaya.

"School is not preparation for life, but life itself"

In our school we gear our programme to individual growth and development to the absorption of knowledge from the environment.

Our efforts in Bhavan's are dedicated towards preparing an environment for children to enable them to cope with life in a fast changing world.

The creative approach followed by our School provides the child with an exposure to a variety of educational opportunities which allows each child to accomplish what he/she can to the best of his/her ability.

our teachers teach morals and cultural values every now and then to our students so that in this scientific age (jet age of science) they do not forget their sanskar.

BHAVAN'S A.K.DOSHI VIDYALAYA through various activities provide ample scope to its pupils to participate & develop their talents and potentialities and turn them into stepping-stone to the path to success. The students of 1 to 9 very enthusiastically participated at all stages of various activites,The achievement of winners provide ample proof that quite a few of them will carve a niche for themselves in future some exhibited fine literally skills, some acting, some artistic while some showed the marking of a fine painter or a singer. The credit for this goes to the excellent staff who is totally involved in their students performance & welfare, the supportive management which helps at every step and the parents who are in a way the real pillars of the edifice of BHAVAN'S SHREE A.K.DOSHI VIDYALAYA.

We prove the following defination of school: